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TSG Responds to Essex Green Water Main Break

August 5, 2014

Earlier this summer, The Shauger Group, Inc. (TSG) was called in for an emergency response project for one of its long-standing customers, Essex Green Shopping Center in West Orange, New Jersey.  When TSG’s porter, Mario Buturyn, was cleaning the courtyard at the Center during the early morning hours on June 10, 2014, he noticed water coming out of a wall outside of Jerry’s Artist Outlet.  He immediately phoned building technician, John Pritchard, who came to investigate the site and determined that there was a major water leak.

TSG swiftly mobilized a crew to attend to the issue and obtained an emergency mark-out.  Many TSG supervisors also went to the site to deal first-hand with the situation.  Vice President of Operations, Matthew Mulligan, and Cleaning Operations Manager, James Tiernan, went into an underground tunnel by the loading dock in an attempt to locate the leak.

Pritchard located the source of the water main break, and TSG workers worked furiously on multiple aspects of site management, clean-up, and repair.  Bringing in an eight-person cleaning crew, TSG sucked up the excess water using mops, vacuums, and water pumps.  TSG also set up sand bags in order to prevent further damage, isolating the water to flow to the nearest drain as workers vacuumed and pumped the water.  TSG brought in New Jersey American Water to shut off the water; TSG then broke the sidewalk and excavated to a depth of five feet to access the water main.  TSG workers cut out the cracked section of the pipe so as to replace it. photo (repl piece)After a sleeve was inserted to seal up the crack in the eight inch-wide water main and all repair work was completed, TSG backfilled the dug-out site.

The fact that TSG was able to perform almost all of the work in-house contributed to the speed and efficiency with which the situation was resolved.  TSG brought in a sprinker company to bring the system back to full functionality, but TSG handled all other aspects of the project.

TSG kept the needs of the nearby companies in mind, attempting to keep disruptions to their operations as minimal as possible.  Knowing that stores such as the Panera and AMC Theaters experience increased traffic during particular hours, TSG arranged its water shut-down to accommodate the businesses’ schedules.  Running water was available through the end of the lunch period, at which time TSG shut down the water.  By dinnertime, TSG had completed its repair work, and businesses again were able to run water—just in time for the evening rush of patrons.  With a fast and expert response, as well as a team of well-trained and organized workers, TSG afforded the Essex Green Shopping Center businesses the ability to operate as normally as feasible.

Concrete work image 2The following day, TSG sent one of its cleaning crews back to do any necessary touch-ups.  Carpenters also removed damaged sheet rock and replaced it.  The project was fully completed once those final restorations were made.

With thirty-three years worth of knowledge of the site, TSG Executive Vice President Donald Shauger presided over the entire water main replacement.  TSG’s relationship with Essex Green first began in the spring of 1982, when Donald Shauger, with his 1978 Mazda pickup truck, repaired potholes for the shopping center.  TSG subsequently purchased its first street sweeper and was hired by Essex Green to sweep the shopping center. Soon after, TSG was contracted to do snow removal and plowing at the site.  A few years later, in 1990, TSG was hired to provide building maintenance and landscaping services.

Knowing the importance of giving every client individual and personal attention, TSG’s staff collaborated effectively and committed themselves to providing the Essex Green Shopping Center with an immediate response in a situation that warranted it.

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