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Remembering Laura Shauger and Her Legacy of Giving

Laura Shauger headshotLaura Shauger  


Forever a friend of the Apostles’ House

December 15, 2014

Laura Shauger will forever be remembered by her family, members of The Shauger Group (TSG), and all those whose lives she touched.  On the two-year anniversary of her passing, Laura is being remembered today especially for her legacy of giving to others.

About Laura Shauger

Laura Shauger was born in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia on March 9, 1930. One of five children, Laura came alone to New Jersey at sixteen years old to study nursing. Laura met Herman Shauger and had five children: Susan, who predeceased Laura; Thomas; John; Herman; and Donald.

Laura’s accomplishments in her life were the product of a fierce work ethic and a desire to provide for her family. Laura worked six to seven days per week, often for more than thirteen hours per day, while trying to care for five children, one of whom was terminally ill. Laura worked for twenty-five years at Newark Presbyterian Hospital, where she served as a nurses’ aid. Laura then owned her own diner, Laura’s Luncheonette, in West Orange for a few years before working for thirty years as a manager at Supreme Bakery in West Orange. Laura was also a dedicated employee of The Shauger Group, a contracting company owned and operated by her son in East Orange.

Laura passed away on December 15, 2012.

Laura’s Legacy and The Apostles’ House

As a single mother who raised five children on her own, Laura serves as an example of strength, love, hard work, selflessness, commitment, hope, and caring.  photo 1Her dedication to, and love for, her children knew no bounds.  She worked hard to lift herself from under State aid and to support her beloved children. Despite tremendous adversity, Laura knew it was her responsibility to take care of her family. An extraordinarily kind-hearted individual, Laura was concerned not only with feeding her own children, but also with helping those less privileged than her, often doing such things as taking leftover food from Supreme Bakery to a Denville orphanage.

Until the end of her life, Laura never forgot the intense struggles she had faced and knew the importance of helping others in need. Laura loved, supported, and regularly visited the Apostles’ House, a Newark emergency shelter for homeless and at-risk families.    Every time she went to the Apostles’ House, she talked to other mothers about her own experience raising children as a single parent.  She hoped to serve as an inspiration to women in need, so that they, too, would have the courage to overcome any obstacles and trials they faced.

Her Children’s Recollections

To Laura’s children, Laura is their hero. She taught her children so much about life, led by example, and served as a role model for them.  Laura remembered where she came from and treated everyone as they deserved to be treated:  as humans.  Laura gave an outpouring of love and support to those around her, but she  never expected or wanted anything in return.

Laura’s children describe her as the most caring, giving, and selfless individual they know.  They adored her for her love, tenacity, and strength of character, as well as her uncomplaining nature. Her children will always remember the sacrifices she made on their behalf. Laura Shauger Room

As one of her sons aptly conveyed, “If a child is to be raised in trying conditions—financial, emotional, or of another kind—she would be the mother you’d want to have to feel like those problems weren’t there.  As poor as we were, we never felt poor.”

The Laura Shauger Room

The Laura Shauger Room at the Apostles’ House was dedicated on December 25, 2013.  The dedication in Laura’s memory was part of 2013 renovations and refurbishments to the first floor family room and living space.  These spaces were repainted; revamped with new flooring; and redecorated with new blinds, curtains, and a plasma TV.


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