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Shauger Spring: A Look at Recent Local Projects

June 4, 2015

The Shauger Group (TSG) has had a busy spring with projects in the surrounding community. Some recent projects have included performing landscaping at the Orange Reservoir; installing a parking lot at West Orange’s Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation; installing two fleet hangars for the Essex County Fleet Maintenance Garage in Cedar Grove; putting in new dugouts and a restroom facility at Roseland’s Bond Force Memorial Park; completing deck restoration work at West Orange’s McLoone’s Boathouse; and performing landscaping work for eleven Essex County parks, located in Newark, Irvington, Belleville, West Orange, Verona, and Essex Fells.

Orange Reservoir – West Orange, New Jersey

One year ago, The Shauger Group (TSG) installed a 1.75-mile walking path and two pedestrian bridges around the Orange Reservoir at Essex County’s South Mountain Reservation.  At the end of March this year, TSG returned to the site to provide landscaping services, irrigation services, and minor maintenance services in preparation for the spring and summer months.

A location utilized and enjoyed by many local residents, the Orange Reservoir has been spruced up and beautified with landscaping, from the dam buttress to Northfield Avenue.   In anticipation of the increased volume of people who come to the Reservoir to walk, jog, and bike ride during the warmer months, TSG has planted three to four tractor trailers full of plants, which primarily consist of perennials and small shrubs.

TSG has also provided new irrigation, adding onto the existing sprinkler system at the Reservoir site.  TSG performed minor small repairs to the decorative stone wall, replacing and repairing stones as needed.  TSG inserted stamped concrete for fishing areas, mulched, and added new trash receptacles along the Reservoir path.

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Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation – West Orange, New Jersey

At the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation located in West Orange, TSG began a project in September to convert an existing field into a parking lot.  TSG resumed work within the last several weeks, after the winter weather subsided.  The lot will provide additional parking spaces in the far back of the Kessler facility complex, which is located on Pleasant Valley Way.

At the onset, the project consisted of excavating, grading, and paving the lot, as well as installing the granite block curbing and a storm water system.

The completed lot now has signage, handicap curb ramps, concrete sidewalks, and lighting installed.

The area surrounding the parking lot has been landscaped with topsoil, fertilizer, seed, and mulch, as well as trees and shrubs.

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Department of Public Works – Cedar Grove, New Jersey

TSG has installed two fleet hangars at the Essex County Fleet Maintenance Garage, located on Bradford Avenue in Cedar Grove.  The hangars will house equipment and trucks for the Essex County Utilities Authority.

The job, Public Works Phase II Building Demolition (Sitework and Hangars), is for the Essex County Department of Public Works (DPW).

TSG began work in November 2014 by first demolishing the old DPW service garage, which previously stood on the site.  TSG then erected the two hangars, as well as did all necessary underground drainage work and utility work.  The electrical aspect of the project is the only part of the project still pending completion.

Jamena Grant, Estimating and Project Management Assistant, emphasized the value of the project to both the Department and to the community.

“The project is a really important one,” said Grant.  “They had to get it situated so that they could fully manage their fleet. Having a new, proper space affects everyone, including the residents.”

The project called for the installation of gas and electric, as well as the insertion of a spare conduit for future electric work and a spare gas line for a potential additional hangar.  Phase III of the project may consist of the addition of one to two more hangars at the site.

The project also included parking lot improvement work, as TSG expanded the size of the existing lot.  TSG excavated, graded, and paved the lot in recent weeks. No striping was required, as the vehicular traffic is strictly for maintenance workers passing through.

According to Grant, foundation work was a huge part of the project and required a substantial amount of coordination. She noted that the installation of the hangar was cost-effective, as it did not need footing inspections and, instead, Project Manager, Brian DeCesare, reinforced the block with epoxy and rods.

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Fernwood Avenue Baseball Field – Roseland, New Jersey

At Bond Force Memorial Park in Roseland, TSG has installed new dugouts and a new 10’x12’ restroom facility for the Park’s baseball field.

TSG also put in an asphalt pathway to connect the road directly to the new facility.

The project, which was originally scheduled to be completed by the end of May, is almost finalized now, with the exception of the perimeter fencing to be installed in the “warm-up section” of the field.


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McLoone’s Boathouse Deck – West Orange, New Jersey

Recently underway at McLoone’s Boathouse in West Orange, NJ, was concrete deck restoration work.  TSG began work on the project after receiving a Notice to Proceed on May 14, 2015.

The project entailed removing the existing concrete patio deck and replacing it with a brand new decorative concrete surface. TSG excavated the site’s existing surface and recently poured the new concrete in the past week.

Existing steps and stone veneer remain intact as is. TSG removed the existing light poles and railing around the perimeter of the deck and reinstalled them after the deck reconstruction was completed.


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Essex County Parks – Essex County, New Jersey

TSG was recently awarded a project to conduct Park Landscape Maintenance for eleven Essex County Parks:  Ivy Hill Park, Vailsburg Park, West Side Park, Riverbank Park, and Independence Park in Newark; Irvington Park in Irvington; Belleville Park and Branch Brook Extension in Belleville; Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange; Verona Park in Verona; and Grover Cleveland Park in Essex Fells.

After TSG was awarded the two-year contract in April, TSG began landscaping work in early May, performing spring cleanup.

TSG is performing all necessary lawn maintenance work, including litter, stick, and miscellaneous debris removal; mowing; and trimming.  Seeding and aeration are completed as needed, in order to preserve the health and striking appearance of lawn areas within the parks.  In order to treat natural turf game field areas and similar areas, TSG will also apply fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides as required by County specifications.  TSG will also perform leaf maintenance and cleanup in the autumn.

To maintain garden beds, TSG will plant spring and fall annuals, as well as replace perennials as directed.  TSG will prune all trees and shrubs, apply mulch, and remove weeds.  TSG will sweep or blow clean all sidewalks and walkways to ensure all areas are clean and presentable.

At Eagle Rock Reservation, particular attention will be paid to certain areas, such as the September 11th memorial, gazebo, and wildflower meadow.  In the fall, in preparation for the September 11th Memorial service at the site, TSG will mulch and plant 250 mums throughout the Memorial.

TSG will also adhere to park-specific guidelines. Verona Park’s Children’s Garden is maintained organically or through Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  As a result, organic products only will be utilized in treatment of the garden.

The next time you visit one of the parks, we hope you enjoy its clean appearance!

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