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TSG to Construct New Genesis Rehabilitation Facility in Piscataway

August 17, 2015

The Shauger Group, Inc. (TSG) is pleased to announce that it will be undertaking a project to construct a new Genesis HealthCare rehabilitation facility in Piscataway, New Jersey.  The Piscataway facility will be TSG’s second major project for Genesis; its first was an October 2012 emergency response at Genesis’ Waterview Center, after Hurricane Sandy ripped off half of the roofing membrane at Waterview, a skilled nursing facility. IMG_6309

Negotiations for the Genesis project began approximately four months ago. Negotiations to get to a final budget number on the project were led by Matt Mulligan, Vice President of Operations, who, working with his Project Management team, presented the final budget in June. The budget, now approved, is in place.

“Because of the work already performed by another contractor and the change in key sub-contractors, the negotiation took longer than we wanted,” explained Mulligan. “We had to first identify to what degree the work was done to determine percentage of completion. From there we had to negotiate with the key sub-contractors to get to the budget numbers we needed. This is an 87,000-square-foot building with a state-of-the-art geo-thermal heating and cooling system consisting of more than seventy wells being drilled on site.”

The foundation, structural steel, wall panels, and first and second floors are constructed up to the metal framing, done by the original contractor who started the construction. IMG_6330

“The roof slab, parapet walls, and the roof must be done first and foremost to get the building weather tight,” said Mulligan.  “All remaining work will be the responsibility of TSG.”

Starting in the coming weeks, TSG will mobilize to have an on-site headquarters, with a Superintendent, Project Manager, and Assistant Project Coordinator on-site full-time.

“I look forward to completing this project on time and on budget,” said Joel Pillinger, who will be the on-site Project Manager in Piscataway with the assistance of Christos Diamantidis, Shauger’s newest office employee who will be handling all of the administrative duties at the site.

“Communication and coordination between sub-contractors will be a necessity to complete this project without any hiccups,” said Diamantidis.

Now that the contract is signed, TSG will begin work immediately. Our goal is to provide the center’s future patients the best rehabilitation experience possible.

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