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James Tiernan to be Honored on Old Timer’s Day

September 10, 2015

On Saturday, September 12, 2015 at Colgate Park at noontime, James Tiernan (JT), The Shauger Group (TSG)’s Operations Manager of the Landscaping and Cleaning divisions, will be honored at West Orange’s Old Timer’s Day. He will be inducted into the Colgate Park Hall of Fame.

The event is entering its 39th straight year and honors those who are heavily-involved with Colgate Park, along with West Orange’s various recreational leagues.

“I’ve been around Colgate Park since I was 7 years old,” said Tiernan. “It was the place to hang out with friends on Friday nights.”

For Tiernan, it all began with the West Orange Recreational (Rec) League. The Rec League seemed to follow him wherever he went, whether it was the Colgate Pool or sports. During his time at Edison Junior High School, starting with the 7th grade, Tiernan started playing basketball for John Rooney and Tommy Boland. When he wasn’t on the court, you could find him cleaning up the park or keeping time during the Men’s Night League. The following year, he was assigned to Mike Pizzi’s football team, which went undefeated for two straight seasons.

In 1979, as a member of the Organization of Concerned Adults and Youth (O.C.A.Y.) of West Orange, Colgate Chapter, Tiernan alongside Donald Shauger, TSG’s Executive Vice President, and Fred Voelbel helped West Orange by painting over offensive vandalism (view images).

In 1980, once Mountain High School rolled around, Tiernan was fortunate enough to play varsity football for all three years. He still looks back on all those great memories he had with his teammates.

Even today, that drive and commitment towards those various interests are a major part of both of his personal life. During the summer, he and his wife, Kim, continue to go to the pool on Sundays. He coaches his three boys, James, Ryan and Aidan, in flag football, baseball and basketball throughout the year, all through the Rec Department.

At TSG, his positive attributes also flourish.

“JT is one of my favorite people,” said Ada Meacham Ramos, Human Resources/Compliance Manager. “He’s very helpful, good-hearted and family-oriented, which makes him that much more likable.”

According to Matthew Mulligan, Vice President of Operations, Tiernan has also coached special needs children in baseball and has not only been highly involved with the Rec League, but with the Police Athletic League (P.A.L.) as well. He has even been involved with the Orange Elks Lodge No. 135, assisting with various events, such as the Elks National Hoop Shoot, a free throw shooting contest across the country for children ages 8 to 13.

“As a member of the Elks organization myself, I’ve witnessed firsthand the contributions of JT,” said Mulligan. “His acts toward others define who he is today.”

Shauger, who grew up with Tiernan and was Governor of O.C.A.Y. of West Orange, Colgate Chapter, expressed similar sentiments towards his friend and coworker.

“Having him [JT] as one of our key employees here at TSG and being able to call him a life-long friend is an honor,” said Shauger. “All of us are thrilled that he’s being recognized for years of hard work that he has put in for West Orange.”


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