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A Look Back at The Shauger Group’s 2015 Projects

February 22, 2016

The year 2015 may be over, but the memories are still fresh. Without further ado, here’s a look back at The Shauger Group’s (TSG) top projects of the past year.

Children’s Cherry Blossom Playground – Newark, NJ

On June 11, 2015, TSG received the Notice to Proceed on a playground in Newark’s Branch Brook Park, a place nationally-known for its April Cherry Blossom Festival, as it boasts more than 4,000 cherry trees of various species throughout Branch Brook Park. The Children’s Playground is located right next to the Cherry Blossom Welcome Center, which was previously built by TSG.

Cherry BlossomThe Children’s Playground work scope included the implementation of all Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan requirements; site clearing; and earthwork, which consisted of site grading, importation of fill material, and some excavation. Other main aspects of the project included asphalt restoration, as well as the installation of ornamental fencing and swing gates; preparation and installation of the playground’s rubberized safety surface, in accordance with OSHA regulations on fall height criteria; and the addition of trash receptacles, drinking fountains, and site furnishings. TSG also put in a reinforced decorative retaining wall around the playground.

After TSG completed its work on the playground in October 2015, the Essex County Executive and his staff held a groundbreaking ceremony to introduce the Children’s Playground to the public. The finished playground has two separate play sets, collectively designed for children between the ages of two and 12.

Removal of West Orange Public Library Brick Façade (Emergency Contract) – West Orange, NJ

On January 29, 2015, a section of the brick façade in the southeast corner of the Edison wing of the West Orange Public Library suddenly and catastrophically collapsed. The Township immediately retained the services of Frank H. Lehr Consulting Engineers and TSG to address the emergency situation.

In an attempt to stabilize the remainder of the brick façade, TSG worked around the clock to remove the brick surrounding the collapsed section. Upon inspection by the Consulting Engineer after the collapse, it was recommended that the Township move forward with the removal of the entire brick façade of the Edison wing. The Township was advised to finalize the façade removal immediately, in order to eliminate any danger and any possibility of further failure.

IMG_8378Known for its expertise in emergency response situations, TSG was instructed to finish removing the rest of the Edison wing façade, and TSG’s work crews continued 24/7 in order to meet the Township’s request. To protect the public, chain link temporary construction fencing was used to cordon off the area of concern. The façade was removed in its entirety on Friday, February 13, 2015, approximately two weeks from the collapse date, a remarkable feat considering that several winter storms took place during that period. TSG installed a mechanically-adhered ice and water shield to serve as temporary weather protection during that time.

TSG was ultimately able to salvage about two full pallets of the original brick from the façade, which is now stored for later use. TSG’s quick response and around-the-clock work were instrumental in ensuring the public’s safety during what could have been a major disaster.

The full façade replacement is in the design stage and should be out to public bid shortly. When it does, TSG will participate in the bidding process.

Hank Aaron Field – Newark, NJ

The Hank Aaron Little League Baseball Field renovation project was awarded to TSG, with a Notice to Proceed issued to the company on January 12, 2015. Hank Aaron FieldRenovations began with the demolition of many existing amenities, including bleachers, an announcer’s booth, scoreboard, and fence.

Construction began with a new six-foot outfield perimeter fence; then, a new backstop and dugouts were installed, and a new scoreboard was mounted on 30-foot-high poles. The existing irrigation system received much-needed repairs in order to become fully operational.

Once the irrigation system was in working order, sod was installed in both the infield and outfield areas, while infield clay was added at the warning track, baselines, and home plate area. The work for this project was completed in December 2015 and will be ready for the 2016 Little League season.

Lidgerwood Field – Morristown, NJ

On Wednesday, October 28, 2015, TSG completed a rehabilitation project at Morristown’s Lidgerwood Park.

Construction began with the Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan measures, followed by demolition and site clearing. Earthwork, which consisted of site grading, importing of necessary fill material, and finished grading, was performed by TSG operators in both the infield and outfield areas of the project.

Installation of a brand-new backstop followed, with the development of a new clay brick underlayment for the home plate and pitcher’s mound areas. The sodded infield was striped and ready for activities. The playing surface will be maintained daily by Morristown’s Department of Public Works. Brand-new players’ benches were also installed. The project was completed in October and, similar to the work done at Hank Aaron Field, will be ready for 2016 spring baseball.

Fernwood Avenue Baseball Field – Roseland, NJ

IMG_1583Nestled along the intersection of Eagle Rock Avenue and Fernwood Avenue in Roseland, Bond Force Memorial Park received various renovations in 2015. TSG began work on those refurbishments shortly after receiving a Notice to Proceed on October 27, 2014. The main additions to the newly-renovated playground included new dugouts with benches, a new outfield perimeter fence, and two pitchers’ practice cages constructed of chain link fencing. In addition, a prefabricated restroom was purchased and installed at the ball field. The work on this project was completed in September 2015 and is ready for full use this coming spring.

ADA Restroom Improvements at Essex County Economic Development Center – East Orange, NJ

TSG was awarded a contract by the County of Essex for improvements to Essex County’s Economic Development Center located at 50 South Clinton Street in East Orange. TSG had to complete the project within 120 days of receiving its June 25, 2015, Notice to Proceed.

The scope of work included the demolition of six restrooms located on the main floor and third floor of the building; each bathroom had to be one-hundred-percent finished before work could commence on another. Because of the high volume of pedestrian traffic at the Development Center, all work was performed during evening hours. Aside from demolition, other aspects of the project included the following:

  • Rough and finish plumbing work
  • Gypsum board and rough framing
  • Ceramic tile flooring
  • Ceramic tile walls
  • Drop ceiling grid and tiles
  • Partitions and countertops
  • Restroom accessories
  • Door replacements
  • Electrical system upgrades
  • Minor HVAC improvements
  • Preparation and painting of all surfaces

TSG is effective at working with property owners to make cost-efficient decisions. This proved important at the Development Center, where the restroom walls were decorated with black wall tile, as opposed to a graffiti-proof alternative. All of this work was conducted in the Development Center’s Social Services department. TSG successfully completed this project, despite the obstacle of working in a high-traffic area.

Water Main Replacement at Essex Green Shopping Center – West Orange, NJ

Essex Green Shopping CenterStarting in November 2015, TSG undertook a combination of excavation, installation, and renovation work at the Essex Green Shopping Center. The contract consisted of the abandonment of the existing eight-inch water main and the installation of a new eight-inch ductile iron main. New gate valves, ranging from four to 12 inches, were installed, along with 640 linear feet of ductile iron pipe. Wet taps were performed in order to keep water turned on throughout the installation process and to eliminate any need to interrupt service for the store owners. Each store space received new service connection laterals with individual valve boxes controlling each space. TSG also replaced an existing fire hydrant with a new one. TSG successfully completed the project without interfering with the stores’ daily operations.

All trenches have been temporarily backfilled until the spring of 2016, at which time all new concrete walks will be installed to complete the project.

Sanitary Sewer Piping Replacement and Sanitary Manhole Modifications – Montclair, NJ

TSG was contracted with the Township of Montclair to remove and dispose of an existing eight-inch vitrified clay sanitary pipe and install a new eight-inch PVC sanitary main in its place.

The new pipe installation work was performed on Edgemont Road. TSG reconstructed manhole benches, invert channels, and internal manhole drop connections, as well as repaired manhole walls, in various Montclair locations, including on Bloomfield Avenue, Park Street, LaSalle Road, and Marquette Road.

The sanitary main installation was an especially challenging project, given the conditions under which the work was performed. Most of this part of Montclair had previously undergone a complete cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining installation; however, this particular area could not be lined because of major water infiltration and high water flow due to the area’s elevations and high water table. A significant bypass setup using various high-pressure pumps and plugs allowed TSG to reduce the water flow enough to complete its work. Now that the pipe has been replaced and infiltration is no longer a factor, there currently is a plan and proposal in place to CIPP line this area.

The pipe installation work was successfully completed in July 2015, with the maintenance bond submitted to the Township of Montclair on August 13, 2015.

East Orange Water Commission Emergency Water and Sewer Repairs – East Orange, NJ

TSG entered into a contract with the City of East Orange Water Commission (EOWC) effective August 14, 2013, and was issued a Notice to Proceed on September 12, 2013. Since that time TSG has responded to more than 400 emergency repair calls for both water- and sewer-related issues. Whether faced with roadway collapses due to water main leaks, water service leaks, hydrant leaks, sewer line backups, sewer main breaks, and a host of other emergency response situations, TSG’s emergency response crews successfully responded and resolved whatever emergencies they were confronted with.

While the contract expired in 2015, the EOWC extended TSG’s contract into 2016 while waiting for the new bid solicitation. TSG is currently responding to many winter-related emergency issues and will continue doing so until the end of February 2016. TSG has serviced the EOWC for close to 15 years, with the first emergency call having taken place in May 2002. TSG has been the successful low bidder every year since then, and is looking forward to the next opportunity to continue providing the residents of the City of East Orange with top-notch emergency response services.

East Orange Water Commission – New Jersey Environment Infrastructure Trust Water System Improvements – East Orange, NJ

EOWC HydrantsIn January 2014, TSG entered into an agreement with the EOWC to begin replacing fire hydrants and 4,615 linear feet of water main throughout the City of East Orange. The work entailed the use of multiple crews, each with a specific task—either excavation or installation. Schedules were set identifying different streets where hydrants would be replaced, and the excavation crews would start opening up all of the areas and prepare the trenches for new hydrants. The installation crews would then go to the sites next, installing the new hydrants and all other related items, such as gate valves, curb stops, valves boxes, and stems, that were necessary for the fully-operational hydrants. Through the course of this yearlong project, the following work was performed:

  • The installation of more than 300 fire hydrants
  • The installation of more than a dozen insertion valves
  • The installation of more than 75 gate valves, varying in size from six inches to 16 inches
  • The installation of line stops and double line stops required for water shutdowns, which were necessary when valves could not be shut to stop water flow
  • The installation of over 4,615 feet of eight-inch DIP water main and all new service connections and valves
  • Complete site restoration, including concrete, asphalt, and topsoil/seed restoration in all disturbed areas

EOWCNote: As per a County of Essex Moratorium on construction work performed on Essex County roadways, it is required that asphalt paving be conducted curb to curb, or on complete intersections, as required.

Throughout the course of the project, it was necessary to implement total shutdowns of the water system in different areas during installation. In order to keep the public informed, TSG handed out notices to all residents affected by the work. At times this amounted to more than one thousand notices being handed out to residents in a single afternoon. The City of East Orange assisted through its own public information officer and through a system set up by the City.

The project is in the closeout stages and should be entirely done by March 1, 2016.

Genesis Rehabilitation Facility – Piscataway, NJ

Genesis RehabilitationOn August 25, 2015, TSG officially began constructing a new Genesis HealthCare Rehabilitation facility in Piscataway. It is the second major project taken on by TSG for Genesis HealthCare. In October 2012, after the effects of Hurricane Sandy devastated Genesis’ Waterview Center in Cedar Grove, TSG did a major renovation to the damaged property.

The construction of the 87,000-square-foot Piscataway PowerBack building had been started by another contractor before TSG took over as the contractor in August 2015. At the time TSG assumed responsibility for the project, all site clearing had previously been completed, and the building had its foundation, structural steel, wall panels, and light gauge metal framing finished up to the second floor. The foremost priority for TSG was to make the building weather tight before winter set in.

TSG has since finished pouring the roof slab and constructing the parapet walls. TSG has begun the roof installation, which is close to being done. Genesis 2The hoist beams for the elevator, which are presently in the process of being fabricated, are temporarily holding up completion of the roof. The light gauge metal framing on the third floor is almost finished and ready for drywall installation to begin. The windows are installed; the exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS) work will be concluding shortly; and the rough-ins for electric, plumbing, and major HVAC piping, while still ongoing, are nearing completion.

To create the building’s state-of-the-art geothermal heating and cooling system, three well fields with more than 70 wells are currently being drilled.

The Genesis HealthCare PowerBack facility, which will mirror the structure in Moorestown, will offer specialized care in cardiac, pulmonary, and orthopedic management.

The rehabilitation facility is expected to be completed by December 2016.

Princeton Walk – Princeton, NJ

In an agreement reached with the Princeton Walk Homeowners Association (HOA) on July 27, 2015, TSG began a drainage improvement project consisting of excavating and installing yard drains throughout the community.

Precisely, the pipes used include the 10-inch ADS N-12 pipe, 12-inch ADS N-12 pipe, four-inch PVC SCH 35 pipe, and a leader pipe. One A-Type inlet was also installed.

After construction concluded, TSG performed restoration work in all disturbed areas.

Dune Terrace – Ortley Beach, NJ

Dune TerraceTSG entered into an agreement with the Dune Terrace Condominium Association through its management company on July 13, 2015. Zoning Board approval was received on August 31, 2015, and permits were issued on September 15, 2015. There were 24 separate locations, each of which received its own permit. The work entailed the demolition of existing decks in the Dune Terrace Development. The scope of work for this project included wood blocking on the first, second, and third floors, as well as installation of Helical piles and concrete work. Framing on the first, second, and third floors was followed by the installation of Duradek, railings, and PVC trim. Additionally, site restoration work, including siding and trim installation, was included in this contract.

From an electrical standpoint, lighting, circuitry, and switches will be installed to match existing. TSG projects to complete this project by May 2016.

Tower Hill – Red Bank, NJ

Tower HillBeginning in 2014, TSG initially took on interior contracting work for three units at Tower Hill, but the contract expanded to twelve units thereafter. The unit improvements consisted of knocking down the existing staircases, installing new block and concrete landing pads to match the existing, and reinstalling the handrails that were removed.

This past July, TSG removed all loose cement from a damaged wall, installed new cement, and applied a new stucco finish.

Society Hill – Jersey City, NJ

In a three-year contract with the Society Hill at Jersey City II Condominium Association, TSG commenced work on installing approximately 335 brand-new prefabricated stoops with new custom decorative aluminum railings. Work required under the contract consisted of the following:

  • Demolishing existing stoops
  • Adjusting existing concrete pad height or removing and replacing the existing concrete pad, if deemed necessary by the engineer
  • Delivering and installing various-sized precast concrete stoops
  • Installing custom ornamental aluminum powder-coated railings with corrosion-resistant fasteners
  • Providing all essential restoration work, including concrete, caulking, siding, and asphalt work, as well as any other restoration measures required to make a new, finished stoop

The contract with Society Hill is over a three-year period, with a goal of approximately 110 stoops per year. So far this winter, TSG has fabricated 25 stoops; with work continually underway, TSG looks to make at least 50 more before May 1, 2016. At that time, the process of demolition, slab replacement (if necessary), installation, and railing measurement will follow, at a rate of 15-20 stoops completed per month.

Darlington Ridge – Mahwah, NJ

TSG entered into a contract on July 15, 2015, to perform stoop repair and replacement work for 30 townhomes and nine townhouses at Darlington Ridge in Mahwah. As per the contract, work started no later than September 1, 2015, with 90 days to completion. The scope of the project included demolition of the existing block staircase and excavation to a solid base below grade.

Darlington RidgeAfter this was completed, a new concrete platform and landing pad for any new precast stairs were poured. The precast concrete measured four inches wide, 10 inches long, and 49 inches or higher in height. Existing sidewalk pads were also replaced with new ones. The stoops were prefabricated using 5,000–psi (pounds per square inch) steel-reinforced concrete. Black powder-coated ornamental steel handrails were installed on new precast stoops. All vital restoration work was performed: necessary plywood installation, insulation, and waterproofing work was done; brick corners were installed to match existing; and, as required, new sidewalk pad was installed after demolition of existing. All work was performed and completed in the allotted time frame. The spring of 2016 will bring additional stoop installation projects upon approval by the Darlington Ridge Homeowners Association Board of Directors.

Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission – Newark, NJ

TSG was the successful bidder for the Passaic Valley Sewage Commission (PVSC)’s “Plantwide Roadway Repairs” project and awarded a contract in November 2013. For over two years, TSG performed multiple services and repairs throughout the PVSC facility, a 140-acre site that is located at 600 Wilson Avenue in Newark and has more than eight miles of access roads. Some of the projects TSG completed over that two-year period include the following:

  • Milling and paving of parking lots
  • Pothole repairs
  • Construction of temporary parking lots
  • Construction of dock walls
  • Fencing installations and repairs
  • Trench drain repairs and installations
  • New sidewalk installation and repairs
  • New and rebuilt catch basins
  • New and rebuilt manholes
  • Installation of tile flooring
  • Gate repairs

The existing contract expired in November 2015, and a new “Plantwide Roadway Repair” contract recently came out to rebid. As of the date of this article, TSG is the apparent low bidder for this project. A resolution was passed at the PVSC Board of Directors meeting to award TSG a new two-year contract. TSG anticipates receiving the official contract award and Notice to Proceed in time to address the significant amount of work, especially roadway repair work, that results from winter weather.

Other Notable 2015 Projects

The projects highlighted above are part of wide array of work performed by TSG during 2015. TSG worked on an extensive list of jobs that were not featured above; a sampling of those additional projects included work for the following clients:

  • Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority (emergency response utility work)
  • United Water (emergency response utility work)
  • Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation – multiple locations (various construction projects)
  • County of Essex (numerous projects, including McCloone’s Boathouse deck restoration project and Veterans Memorial Park concrete restoration project)
  • County College of Morris (concrete repairs and bollard replacement)
  • Numerous condominium associations (various projects, including stoop replacements, drainage projects, deck repairs and replacements, power washing projects, painting, catch basin repairs, concrete work, and a host of other projects that exemplify why TSG is considered a one-stop shopping construction and property maintenance company with a broad range of capabilities)

Looking Ahead

With 2015 at a close, it is time now to look ahead at some of TSG’s upcoming projects for 2016:

  • Passaic Valley Sewage Commission (Plantwide Roadway Repairs 2016) – Awarded
  • Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority (NJEIT large valve replacement project) – Awarded
  • County of Essex (West Side Park playground renovations and improvements) – Awarded
  • County of Essex (Irvington Park playground renovations and improvements) – Awarded
  • Society Hill Condominium Association (precast stoop replacement project) – Awarded
  • Tower Hill Condominium Association (clubhouse improvements) – Awarded
  • Aspen at Princeton Meadows Condominiums (stair repairs and improvements) – Awarded


Contributions to this article were made by Nicholas Saraceno.

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