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Bob Caccavale: Sixteen Years of Fond Memories

November 14, 2013
Bob Computer

Members of The Shauger Group are saddened that the day has finally arrived—the last day employees will see Robert Caccavale walking through its halls.  It has been a true pleasure to have had Bob Caccavale as a member of The Shauger Group team for the past sixteen years, and we wish him all the best in his retirement.  As The Shauger Group’s CFO, Bob has been crucial to the operation of the organization and will be sorely missed as both a mentor and as a friend.

Lori Grayson Ruiz, who worked directly for Bob for ten years, recalled one of the first things that Bob ever said to her – something that has stuck with her.

“When I first got here, he said to me, ‘If you’re willing to learn, I’m willing to teach you because I can’t take it with me to my grave,’” Lori said.  “And I was very appreciative to him for that.  I was eager, and he was willing.  I learned a tremendous amount from him.”

Lisa Elam too emphasized how willing Bob always has been to share his knowledge and expertise with those around him.

“He was always willing to teach you something,” Lisa said.  “He was definitely one who would help you when you didn’t know something.”

Handling the firm’s financial operations, Bob bore the great responsibility of ensuring the over one hundred and fifty-person company ran smoothly.

“He made sure everything stayed afloat,” said Ada Meacham Ramos.  “He made sure everything was covered.”

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Nicholas Gakos, CPA, outside accountant for The Shauger Group, having worked closely with Bob for his entire tenure with the organization, believes that The Shauger Group is fortunate to have benefitted from Bob’s wealth of experience and professionalism for the past sixteen years.

“It’s a close-knit organization,” Nicholas said.  “It’s almost like they’re losing a family member.”

“His experience level is unparalleled. He is very detail-oriented and meticulous,” Nicholas added.  “He makes my job much easier when he hands the books and records over to me to do the corporate tax compliance and financial statements. It’s not just his experience in what he does, but it’s also his integrity that sets him apart.”

To employees, Bob’s absence at the office will surely be felt.  He is appreciated for his candid approach and unending dedication to each and every project at hand.   

Besides, everyone could always count upon Bob to provide punchy quotes and entertainment around the office.

In the short time they have worked together, Debbie LaMorticella has picked up on some of Bob’s favorite expressions to use.  She rattled off one of Bob’s favorite sayings:  “I tell it like it is!”

“There were just so many funny things with him,” Ada said.  Ada remembered one of Bob’s greatest pearls of wisdom:  “You have to pay your vendors because if you don’t have materials, you won’t be able to work!”

“It’s hard to think that I won’t be seeing Bob around the office anymore,” Donald Shauger said. “He’s been my guy. I am so appreciative to him for everything.  He unequivocally made this organization complete.  It feels like a piece will be missing.”

The Shauger Group wishes nothing but the best for Bob in his retirement and in the future, and we sincerely thank him for his devoted service for the past sixteen years.


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