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TSG Awarded Two-Year Landscaping Contract at Essex County South Mountain Recreation Complex

August 16, 2017

On August 15, 2017, The Shauger Group, Inc. (TSG) began a two-year contract to perform landscaping services at the Essex County South Mountain Recreation Complex, which is located in West Orange, New Jersey. The bid, issued by the Essex County Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs, includes lawn, garden bed, and leaf maintenance work, among other landscaping-related tasks, at the complex.

TSG was determined the lowest responsible responsive bidder at the bid opening on June 20, 2017. While the contract is set to expire in August 2019, the County has the option to extend the contract for an additional 24 months.

The contract covers landscape maintenance around the following facilities: Treetop Adventure Course; Education Center at the Turtle Back Zoo; Richard J. Codey Ice Arena; Office of Emergency Management; miniGOLF Safari; McLoone’s Boathouse Restaurant; Regatta Playground; Paddle Boat Area and Clipper Picnic Pavilion; Orange Reservoir and walking path; and both of the South Mountain Recreation Complex’s parking decks.

TSG is very familiar with the South Mountain Recreation Complex, having constructed many of the site’s amenities itself. Most recently, TSG constructed the Turtle Back Zoo’s new Ronald J. Mount Lion and Hyena Exhibit, which covers nearly half an acre. TSG’s extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the entire recreation complex will be advantageous to both TSG and the County of Essex during the course of the contract. With considerable experience at the site, TSG’s supervisors and workers will be able to communicate effectively with County staff and promptly address any needs that arise.

As part of spring and fall cleanups, TSG will remove leaves, litter, and debris from the complex. During leaf-drop season, TSG will perform leaf removal at least once per week, using equipment that is best and most efficient for each site. At all times, TSG will ensure all sidewalks and walkways are clean and presentable.

TSG will maintain the healthy appearance of lawn areas. TSG will fertilize throughout the spring, summer, and fall; TSG will also weed unwanted plants in the spring and fall, as well as perform insect control in the summer.

To further enhance the beauty of the complex, TSG will install spring and fall plants. As the complex is frequented by a great number of visitors, it is especially important to keep the area as vivid, bright, and well cared for as possible. TSG will plant garden beds around entrance signs to the various sites, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of these oft-visited County attractions.

As with every contract and project, TSG will make public safety its top priority. TSG will take particular care around vehicles, pedestrians, and pets, ensuring that visitors have a safe, enjoyable experience at the parks during the course of TSG’s work. The County will keep TSG apprised of planned County events and activities so that they can proceed without interruption.

Additionally, TSG will go to great lengths to make sure that certain areas are well protected during the cold winter months—a period when it is customary for landscape services to be temporarily paused. Toward the end of each calendar year, TSG will install silt fencing around the perimeter of the Orange Reservoir, in order to protect the Reservoir walkway’s landscaping from potential salt and plow damage during the winter months. As snow removal will take place during the winter season—and Reservoir walkways will be treated with calcium chloride during wintertime to allow for safe passage—TSG will use the silt fencing as an extra measure of protection for the landscaping that lines the Reservoir path. TSG will take down all silt fencing once the weather warms up in the spring.





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