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TSG Welcomes New Superintendent of Underground Utilities

October 1, 2018

The Shauger Group (TSG) is pleased to announce that Edmund Collis has joined TSG as superintendent of underground utilities. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Collis will oversee TSG’s ever-growing underground utility business. Working closely with president/CEO, Lisa Shauger; executive vice president, Donald Shauger; and vice president of operations, Matthew Mulligan, Collis will manage the day-to-day operations of TSG’s underground utility work, and play a key role in its continued success and expansion.

“We have built an amazing team over the last thirty-seven years, and adding Ed to our team will bring us to the next level,” said Donald Shauger. “Ed brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in underground utility work, and we couldn’t be more proud to have him on our team.”

In his 25 years at SUEZ North America, formerly United Water and Hackensack Water, Collis established himself as a leader and developed an expertise in construction, distribution, repair, maintenance, and customer service. As a key liaison with multiple engineering groups, Collis worked closely to both design projects and complete them. Never compromising quality for quantity, Collis prides himself on his ability to effectively and efficiently handle a large variety of responsibilities while ensuring top-notch quality. Collis’s goal-oriented focus, proven track record of meeting important deadlines, and ability to perform high-level work under pressure will make him an asset to TSG—a company that makes it a priority to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Collis most recently served as manager of system maintenance and operations in Jersey City and Hoboken. He was instrumental in overseeing the entire distribution system in those two cities, including the operation of their water mains and valves. He also focused on short-term and long-term planning, redevelopment, and maintenance measures necessary to safeguard the cities’ water system, coordinating with city officials and personnel as required.

Excited for this new opportunity, as well as the challenges it will bring, Collis is eager to “make a difference, contribute to the team, and bring the quality of service that [he likes] to deliver” as part of TSG’s team.

“We know from personal experience Ed is a team player,” said Lisa Shauger. “We had the pleasure of working with him on several projects over the years and were consistently impressed with his ability to problem-solve and communicate effectively with everyone with whom he worked. Not only is he skilled at building great, lasting relationships with outside personnel, he also is a noticeably effective leader who can adeptly manage staff and coordinate with upper management.”

In his past roles as both a superintendent of system maintenance and operations, as well as a supervisor of distribution and construction, Collis not only managed large-scale projects but also was in charge of supervising personnel. While ensuring all project requirements were met on both planned and emergency jobs, Collis was tasked with evaluating employees’ work performance, training new employees, and coaching all personnel effectively in order to maximize their productivity.

Collis began his career doing construction installation and maintenance—repairing water mains, installing services, and operating equipment. He then served as a customer service representative, changing meters, investigating high bill issues, installing radio read devices, and reading meters through the electronic system. While he was a customer service representative, he served on two committees: one for corporate social responsibility and another to improve procedures and time efficiency.

Having worked with TSG in the past, Collis is already familiar with the company, its personnel, and its processes. With his industry expertise and his knowledge of TSG as a company, he has the advantage of being able to hit the ground running. According to Collis, he was impressed by his past experience with TSG, particularly its “great leadership.” As someone with a team-first mentality, Collis also cited the fact that “everyone takes part in accomplishing company goals” as a compelling reason to be part of TSG’s team.

“A true leader is always proud of others’ accomplishments,” said Collis. “I can’t wait to talk to the other employees and help where I can. Everyone has something to offer.”

“I can bring a strong team element—and to do these projects, you have to work well together as a team,” added Collis. “I will work hard every day to put my experience on the table and use it. I wouldn’t work anywhere where I didn’t love the team and want to be on it. I look forward to continuing to build a team that will accomplish a lot.”

With a passion for underground utility work, Collis enjoys the rewarding nature of the industry. He sees it as his responsibility—almost a civil service—to do whatever it takes to best serve the community. He loves to know he is making a difference, especially by putting his skills to use to ensure everyone has clean water at all times.

“The most important thing is to do the right thing for the community,” said Collis. “[Working in] Jersey City really clicked with me, because of the need of the people. I enjoy the opportunity to help people and make a difference.”

“Making sure everyone is safe is always first and foremost in my mind,” added Collis. “At The Shauger Group, I look forward to helping continue a culture that provides quality service to our clients. We can make a difference in the redevelopment of areas where the infrastructure needs to be looked at and undergo development for the future.”

Collis’s commitment to service is reminiscent of the Shaugers’; in fact, according to Collis, the Shaugers’ dedication to helping others and giving back to the community was one of the many reasons why working at TSG seemed so appealing.

“I can’t say enough about Donnie and Lisa,” said Collis. “I truly respect them for all they do in the community to help others. Giving back is what makes the world go round. When I’m around them, I feel their willingness to help in the community and step up to the plate when needed. It’s exactly the type of environment I love to work in. I could never work anywhere that didn’t make a difference. It will be a great fit both for myself and for The Shauger Group, and I know The Shauger Group feels the same way.”

Collis can be reached at [email protected].

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