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TSG Kicks Off 2019 in the Spirit of Philanthropy

March 24, 2019

In the early months of 2019, The Shauger Group (TSG) continued its longtime support for two charities very dear to the organization. TSG supported Heart Month this February by sponsoring and attending the 2019 Philadelphia Heart Ball, which raises money for the American Heart Association. TSG also lent its support to the Christopher Brandle Joy of Life Foundation, a nonprofit charity, by serving as a corporate sponsor of the foundation’s annual Casino Night and donating raffle items to the event in order to help the foundation raise additional funds.

heartball5This year marked the seventh straight year that Lisa Shauger, president/CEO of TSG, and Donald Shauger, executive vice president of TSG, attended the Philadelphia Heart Ball in support of the American Heart Association. For the past seven years, TSG has proudly served as a sponsor of the Heart Ball, which helps raise awareness about—and fund lifesaving research into fighting—heart disease and strokes. Since 2014, the Shaugers have also been members of Cor Vitae: The Heart of Life, the American Heart Association’s Philanthropic Giving Society, which recognizes distinguished donors who contribute to the American Heart Association annually.

At the annual Heart Ball, TSG and the Shauger family are often recognized as part of the Mission Impact Circle, which acknowledges those supporters who have continuously pledged their support to the Heart Ball.

During Heart Month and always, TSG and the Shauger family are committed to serving worthy causes, such as the American Heart Association: they are eager to dedicate their time, money, and energy to philanthropic ventures that will have a lasting impact on the community. Whether by sponsoring the Heart Ball, making general donations to the American Heart Association, or supporting other miscellaneous heart-related initiatives, TSG and the Shaugers are proud to continue their longtime tradition of supporting heart health.

Right before the Heart Ball, TSG received two apples in the mail from the American Heart Association, along with a message that stated, in part:

A simple apple means a great deal to over 20% of Philadelphians who live in food deserts. The nearest grocery store may be 3 bus rides away, local shops are filled with unhealthy and expensive options, and fast food wrappers litter the streets. The factors that help many of us live the longest, healthiest lives we can are the very factors increasing the risk of heart disease in communities of need…

heartball6The letter went on to state that, in its mission to fight heart disease, the American Heart Association has been working to address food access and health concerns in communities in need—which is yet another reason why TSG is honored to be a yearly sponsor of the American Heart Association and the Philadelphia Heart Ball.

In March 2019, TSG served as a sponsor of the Christopher Brandle Joy of Life Foundation’s ninth annual Christopher Brandle Joy of Life Casino Night, a yearly fundraising event hosted by the foundation. TSG has served as a corporate sponsor of the annual Casino Night for many years—and, not only did TSG serve as a sponsor yet again this year, but TSG also donated four lower-level New Jersey Devils tickets and a parking pass to be raffled off at this year’s Casino Night, in order to help raise additional funds for the foundation.

The Shauger Group has been a corporate sponsor of the Christopher Brandle Joy of Life Foundation from its founding. A 501(c)(3) charity, the Christopher Brandle Joy of Life Foundation was established in 2010 in memory of Christopher Brandle, who passed away earlier that year at just 10 years old, after a brave battle with brain cancer. Carrying on Christopher’s memory and legacy, the foundation has made it its mission to support pediatric brain tumor research, particularly by contributing to organizations that focus on research into medulloblastoma, the form of rare cancer that Christopher so bravely battled.

Through its efforts, the Christopher Brandle Joy of Life Foundation strives to spread awareness about pediatric cancer issues, as well as fund research that can hopefully improve treatment options for those suffering from cancer and ultimately lead to a cure for the disease. The Shaugers first became involved with the foundation through their friends Jim O’Connor and Jeanette O’Connor, Christopher’s uncle and aunt.

The foundation also provides direct assistance to families whose lives are affected by pediatric cancer: through the Christopher Brandle Joy of Life Foundation Family Assistance Program, children age 18 or under who are receiving treatment for a brain tumor are eligible to apply for covered expenses through the foundation. Understanding that cancer not only puts significant emotional strain, but also financial strain, on families, the foundation seeks to ease the financial burden on families who are struggling to manage medical expenses, treatment costs, and other costs of caring for a child battling pediatric cancer. The foundation’s assistance program offers families help with various expenses, including housing costs, travel and lodging expenses incurred during treatment, miscellaneous costs not covered by medical insurance, and car and transportation payments.

“It was our honor to once again support the American Heart Association and Christopher Brandle Joy of Life Foundation this year,” said Donald Shauger. “Lisa and I make giving back one of our biggest priorities. Philanthropy is a huge part of who we are, and of what The Shauger Group stands for.”

Donald and Lisa Shauger with Paul Bach, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Genesis HealthCare

“These are both wonderful charities: they advance research and knowledge about important health concerns like cancer and heart disease, helping make a long-term difference for those affected by those diseases,” added Lisa Shauger. “At the same time, the success of those charities is reliant upon the generosity and support of the community. We’re proud to be in a position to be able to help them in their quest to make progress, successfully reach their goals, and make a difference for the community at-large.”

To donate to the Christopher Brandle Joy of Life Foundation, visit Contributions to the American Heart Association can be made at

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