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TSG Supports Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

April 2, 2019

In honor of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month this March, The Shauger Group (TSG) has made an effort not only to raise awareness for colorectal cancer issues, but also to support the health and well-being of TSG employees.

To encourage TSG employees to keep themselves healthy, TSG has offered all Shauger employees age 45 and older a paid day off so that they can go in for a colonoscopy. Employees who bring in a doctor’s note showing they have gone in for a colonoscopy on a scheduled workday will get paid for that day off.

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 10.39.02 PM“Getting screened on a regular basis is so important and, in some cases, lifesaving,” said Lisa Shauger, president/CEO of TSG. “It’s easy for us to get wrapped up in our schedules and forget to put our own health first, but skipping important checkups and not keeping an eye on our health could hurt us in the long run. Don and I wanted to give our employees that extra push—a reminder not to get caught up in the chaos and craziness of everyday life, and to instead take necessary time out of their schedules to put their health first.”

“For Lisa and me, our priority at The Shauger Group is our coworkers,” added Donald Shauger, executive vice president of TSG. “In October, we promoted breast cancer screenings at The Shauger Group. This March, we asked our coworkers over forty-five to go in for a colonoscopy, hoping that the incentive of an extra paid day off would ensure they prioritized their health and safety.”

According to current data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 140,000 Americans get colorectal cancer each year, with more than 50,000 people dying from it annually. Because risk increases with age—the CDC notes that more than 90 percent of colorectal cancers occur in people who are 50 years old or over—it is vital to be screened regularly for colorectal cancer, especially if you are over 50. The CDC also cites that “precancerous polyps and colorectal cancer don’t always cause symptoms, especially at first,” making colonoscopies and other screening tests an important, potentially lifesaving measure.

TSG’s recent support of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month follows TSG’s support of several other philanthropic endeavors and charitable causes in early 2019. TSG’s charity so far this year has also included supporting the Philadelphia Heart Ball and American Heart Association in February, which is Heart Month, as well as serving as a sponsor of the Christopher Brandle Joy of Life Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity that raises awareness about pediatric cancer issues, funds research to improve cancer treatment, and provides direct assistance to those affected by pediatric cancer.

To learn more about colorectal cancer, as well as colorectal cancer prevention and treatment, visit the CDC website at

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