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TSG Cleans the Way to Super Bowl XLVIII

January 27, 2014


Did you know that, in 2011, 111 million viewers tuned in to watch Super Bowl XLV, making it the most-watched American television program in history?  Or that, in 2013, the average cost for a 30-second ad during Super Bowl XLVII was $4 million?

At The Shauger Group, we understand what an important and longstanding tradition the Super Bowl has grown into since its inception in 1967.  There would be a void in American culture today without the packed stadium, passionate fans, halftime shows, tailgates, and Super Bowl pools.  Not to mention the Super Bowl viewing parties where, with chicken wings and an ice-cold cooler on either side of you, you spend as much time talking about the commercials as you do the game.

That’s why we will do our part to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for you.

With NFL Super Bowl XLVIII being hosted in New Jersey in less than a week, The Shauger Group is gearing up for its role in the big event—cleaning the majority of major roads to the Super Bowl.

Equipped with street sweepers, Bobcats, dump trucks, and attenuators, we will have multiple crews doing heavy street cleaning of interchange ramps, as well as street sweeping crews covering most of the highways leading to MetLife Stadium. Sweeper 2Responsible for the upkeep of Routes 78, 24, 80, 280, 17, 21, 46, 3, 4, 120, and 495, we will be working through the morning of Super Bowl Sunday to make sure the roads are clean of debris.  From sidewalks to curb lines, and from weeds to bulk garbage, we have it covered.

Not to mention that we will of course be ready, if needed, on the day of the Super Bowl.

Whether you’ll be going to MetLife Stadium yourself or watching the big game at a friend’s house, The Shauger Group wants your drive along these carefully cleaned roads to be a pleasant one.

Enjoy the game.

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