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TSG Awarded Three-Year Street Sweeping Contract in East Orange

February 14, 2014

The Shauger Group (TSG) is proud to have been awarded the Mechanical Street Sweeping Service contract for the City of East Orange for the next three years.  TSG, whose main office is based in East Orange, has performed street sweeping for the City since 1998.

Having upgraded its equipment by adding four new sweepers to its fleet, TSG is more than prepared to renew its responsibilities for the City.  TSG’s street sweeping duties include the removal of litter and debris from all gutters. TSG must provide all labor and equipment necessary for the completion of all City-related sweeping.

The bid opening for the job was held on October 22, 2013, at which time TSG was determined to be the lowest bidder.  The prior contract end date, which was September 30, 2013, was extended until the date of the bid opening.

After receiving Board approval on January 13, 2014, the contract was officially awarded to TSG.

About the Contract

Pursuant to the contract, which is not to exceed $800,000 annually, TSG must perform 155.77 curb miles of street sweeping between Mondays and Thursdays.  Between those days, curblines are swept twice per week between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.  For purposes of the contract, the City is divided into 2 approximately-equal sections to the north and the south.

The weekend sweeping schedule is approximately 23 curb miles long, with the sweeping occurring on Sunday mornings.  The Sunday route specifically targets churches and other important areas.

In its equipment specifications, East Orange mandated that four 3- or 4-wheel mechanical high dump state-of-the-art Mobil AHL sweepers, or the equivalent, be used.  The sweepers, which must be 2010 or newer, must have dual gutter brooms, dual controls, dual steering, and a water spray system for dust control, as well as a single pick-up broom with a minimum length of fifty-eight inches and a minimum total sweeping path of ten feet.

Additionally, TSG is required to have two 4-wheel vacuum/regenerative air sweepers, manufactured no earlier than in 2010.

TSG, like all other bidders, was required to submit a certificate showing that it owns, leases, or otherwise controls all mandatory equipment.

About TSG and Its Employees

TSG’s lead sweeper operator, William Berry, is no stranger to the work involved in sweeping the City of East Orange.  Berry, who has been with the organization since 1988, has worked on the East Orange sweeping, as well as on many other major sweeping projects, including the Lincoln Tunnel and the George Washington Bridge.

“I’m looking forward to the renewal of our contract with East Orange,” said Berry.

As an Essex County contractor, TSG is always honored to perform projects in its own county.  TSG has an overall workforce of approximately 180 employees, ninety-eight percent of whom are New Jersey residents and roughly eighty percent of whom are Essex County residents.

Donald Shauger with The Shauger Group’s first sweeper

Donald Shauger with The Shauger Group’s first sweeper

A family-owned and operated company, TSG was founded in 1981 by Donald and Lisa Shauger.  Emerging from humble beginnings, its single contract and its single vehicle—a 1978 Mazda pickup—blossomed into one of New Jersey’s leading multifaceted, privately-owned companies with an array of 200 pieces of company-owned equipment.   Its state-of-the-art 4.5-acre facility houses this equipment, as well as an in-house vehicle service and repair shop.

With hands-on management, a family-team approach, and a personal touch, TSG and its dedicated staff make it a priority to provide diversified and high-quality services, both to foster lasting relationships with clients and to maintain TSG’s reputation as a one of the preeminent contracting and construction firms in the region.

About the New Additions to TSG’s Sweeper Fleet

TSG financed its newly-purchased equipment through PNC Bank, with whom TSG has worked for several years.  PNC Bank, which has a local branch in East Orange, is more than eager to provide assistance to local, family-owned businesses like TSG.

“The Shauger Group is a valued client and the opportunity to support their business is a welcome one. Helping to provide financing for the purchase of new sweepers is closely aligned with PNC’s own community commitment corporate value,” said Steve Contos, PNC senior vice president and group manager for commercial banking in Northern New Jersey. “At the end of the day, what could be more important than supporting the beautification of the communities where we live and work?”

Two of the sweepers purchased are Elgin Broom Bears from W.E. Timmerman Co., Inc.  These mechanical sweepers are capable of picking up heavy debris and are state-of-the-art with Tier 4 emissions.  The Broom Bears possess a sixty-six inch-long main broom in the back, as well as side brooms that can effectively dig material out of manholes and catch basins, using speed control to create increased pressure.

Broom Bear

Charlie Garbarini, Timmerman’s Account Manager for Commercial and Industrial Accounts, noted how the Broom Bears’ features, especially its brooms, make them ideal for city sweeping projects, as they are able to get curb lines extremely neat and clean.  Garbarini also spoke about Timmerman’s relationship with TSG, and with Executive Vice President Donald Shauger specifically, which dates back to the 1990s.

“I have been with Timmerman fourteen years,” Garbarini said. “The Shauger Group is one of my top ten customers in regards to volume over that time.”

“We have a very good relationship,” Garbarini added.  “The work they do is excellent, and we appreciate helping them wherever we can.”

The two other sweepers, TYMCO Model 600 sweepers, were bought from Trius, Inc., a family-owned company that has been in business since 1959.  The Model 600 regenerative air sweepers, which circulate, recycle, and clean the air in a closed loop air system within the hoppers, are extremely efficient and environmentally friendly.  These reliable sweepers have the power to pick up everything—even from the most miniscule cracks—and are the only street sweepers on the market with the high-efficiency cylindrical centrifugal dust separator.

“They’re a good company and a big company,” said Hector Rodriguez, Trius Sales Representative.  “When people are looking for sweeping recommendations, I always recommend The Shauger Group.”


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