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TSG Provides Emergency Work for Genesis HealthCare’s Waterview Center

February 26, 2014

As residents of the State of New Jersey can personally attest to, Hurricane Sandy brought about significant damage to many parts of the state.  However, the direness and extreme destruction in certain situations not only caused permanent damage, but also called for response and remediation on an emergent basis.

One such dire situation involved Waterview Center, a Genesis HealthCare skilled nursing facility located in Cedar Grove, New Jersey.

The bi-level facility provides long-term care, short-stay rehabilitation, driving rehabilitation, and respite care to its patients and residents—all of whose lives were instantly put in danger when Sandy’s furor compromised the facility.


During the height of the storm, The Shauger Group, Inc. received an urgent phone call from Genesis regarding the emergency situation at Waterview on October 29, 2012.  TSG responded immediately, sending workers to the site to first see the extent of the leaking and building damage, as well as to assess the potential risks to Waterview’s employees, patients and residents.

When TSG arrived on-site, workers discovered that Sandy’s high winds, which had reached up to 80 miles per hour in some parts of New Jersey, had damaged or displaced about half of the roofing membrane and associated rigid insulation, as well as had ripped off rooftop heating and ventilation units from the building.  Consequently, water was cascading through both the first and second floor wings in half of the building.

Step one was for TSG to work quickly and efficiently with Genesis to ensure the safety and security of the building’s patients and residents. After water infiltration and leakage had destroyed the electrical services throughout the building, an immediate evacuation of the affected portion of the facility had to take place.

P1000046TSG got to work right away, with its top priority being to secure the structure.  TSG workers placed a tarp on the affected portion of the roof on an emergency basis, while they also waterproofed the area.  In order to prevent a collapse of the ceiling grid, ruined second floor ceiling tiles were removed in the immediate aftermath of the storm.

As they worked, TSG employees tried, in real time, to prevent any further damage from occurring, doing such things as patching holes as they formed and plugging leaks as they happened.  The leak monitoring continued for approximately three weeks after the storm, with staff attempting to avert any additional water damage during inclement weather, specifically.

Once the building was safely under control, with leakage at a minimum, an assessment of the long-term damage was made.  In addition to having devastated the facility’s electrical services, Sandy caused extensive damage to the ceilings, walls, and carpeting, among many other parts of the building’s interior. An inspection of the facility, completed on October 31, 2012 by Petry Engineering, verified that the roof structure was safe and enabled repair work to continue uninterrupted.

It was important to TSG and Genesis to disturb as few patients and residents as possible; unless the situation warranted it, the preference was not to remove them from their comfortable environment.  Some residents and patients were able to remain, uninterrupted, on the ground floor of the unaffected dry half of the building, while some others were brought back to that same area of the first floor within one week from the date of the hurricane. P1000037

“It was a very large project, and it was a massive undertaking to get the patients and residents back into their environment,” said Ada Meacham Ramos, HR/Compliance Manager for TSG.  “We complied with everything Genesis wanted, and there was excellent communication between Genesis and us.  Especially with the time frame we had, there had to be good communication in order for everything to get done.”

By November 24, 2012, the new roof had been installed and completed.

All interior walls and finishes were demolished in phase two of the operation.  Storage containers were brought in to house all furniture and beds while demolition and reconstruction took place.  Since TSG had discovered that the building’s electrical damage was permanent, the electrical service and wiring were removed so that they could be replaced in their entirety.

Once demolition had been completed, the reconstruction process was next.  Before TSG could start working, it enlisted the help of an architectural and engineering firm to provide the documents needed to acquire construction permits.  Once those permits were obtained, the reconstruction of the first and second floor wings commenced.

“The Shauger Group had safety in mind always for the residents still living in the building,” said Robert Sanderson, Vice President of Construction at Genesis. “A physical separation of construction and occupied building areas was maintained.”

On average, TSG’s crew worked twelve-hour days, six days per week.  TSG’s dedicated and diverse workforce dealt effectively with any issues that surfaced during the reconstruction phase.  P1000043Their extensive responsibilities included drywall taping, finishing, and installation; and installation of wall insulation, sound attenuation insulation, acoustical ceilings, doors, and hardware, among many other tasks.

TSG also hired various subcontractors to provide assistance with plumbing, heating, electric, roofing, elevator equipment repair, and other facets of the overall project.

TSG and Genesis, an 80,000-person company with over 400 nursing centers and assisted/senior living communities nationwide, quickly established a fantastic working relationship.  Both companies’ efforts were focused on collaboration and on cooperation with one another’s needs, in order for the reconstructed Waterview facility to be up and running as soon as possible.

“It was an excellent working relationship,” said Lisa Shauger, President/CEO of TSG. “They are great communicators and team workers.  They were great at communicating their expectations to us, gave us constant feedback, and educated us a lot.  It was not your typical business relationship.  It became almost like a partnership–a service partnership.  They are team players all the way.”

“Everyone worked well together,” Ramos added. “It was very smooth.”

Today, the operational Waterview facility once again offers its patients and residents a beautiful, safe, and welcoming environment.  Residents live in its fully air-conditioned private and semi-private rooms; enjoy its dining rooms, beauty salons, barber shops, activity rooms, lounge areas, scenic views, and picturesque gardens; and benefit from its housekeeping services, its complimentary laundry facility, and, for inhabitants with cognitive impairments, its security alarm system.

To learn more about Waterview Center, its nursing care options, and its related service offerings of physical, occupational, and speech therapies, please visit

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