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TSG Provides Needed Services to Religious Communities

May 23, 2014

IMG_0813Oftentimes, a church or similar place of worship serves as a home away from home.  People may look to it as a place to receive guidance, build relationships with family members and friends, and be part of a community.

Having done much past and present work at churches and other places of worship, The Shauger Group (TSG) sees and understands the affection people have for their religious communities. TSG appreciates the opportunity to keep those communities properly maintained, so that they will continue to serve as welcoming environments for parishioners and visitors.

An Inside Look:  Resurrection Parish (Randolph, New Jersey)

For many years TSG has been providing Resurrection Parish in Randolph, New Jersey with the majority of the work it has needed.
With an extensive range of services offered, TSG has been able to perform a variety of projects overall—both on a regular basis and on an as-needed basis.

During non-winter months, TSG does landscaping for the parish.  In order to ensure that the property looks as pristine as possible for its daily and weekly frequenters, TSG comes to the parish a minimum of once per week from March through November to perform maintenance.

TSG mows, fertilizes, edges, and limes fine lawn areas, while it also controls weeds and crabgrass seed germination.  TSG does seasonal cleanups, including a general spring cleanup to remove debris from the grounds, as well as leaf cleanup in the fall.

TSG’s landscape work also includes cleanup and weed control in tree, shrub, and ground cover bed areas.  Trimming and pruning is performed, as is ornamental tree and shrub insect control.

IMG_0823At the present, TSG is doing some remedial work, as there has been a persistent leak in the cupola over the chapel.  When TSG performed its assessment of the leakage situation, it found there to be deficiencies in the roofing, flashing, and framing.

TSG’s current project entails removing and downsizing the existing windows, which will allow for better flashing and ice shielding.  The new windows being installed by TSG are upgraded to hurricane-rated gasketing and glass.  With StormGuard serving as a leak barrier and a water and ice shield on the windows, the church will have additional protection against precipitation.

TSG is siding the cupola with weather-resistant CertainTeed cement board and installing interior trim.  The roof is also being replaced and re-pitched to eliminate one scupper box and to reduce discharge over windows.

Stone work

Water infiltration within the chapel also forced the parish to take action in the past.  At the time, TSG was brought in to remove all mortar joints within the church’s stone façade as a result of substantial cracking and deterioration.  The lower stonework was removed to allow for new copper flashing, and salvaged stone was reinstalled.  Once TSG finished the new pointing of the stonework, waterproof coating was applied, cross-polished, and sealed.

In 2012 TSG installed a French drainage system for the parish.  In order to carry out the work, TSG first removed the sidewalk at the front entrance and excavated two feet below the existing sidewalk, as well as sawed part of the road surface.  TSG also excavated in the island next to the roadway, so that it could serve as a dry well for water from the new system.  After the four-inch perforated pipe was installed and the drainage system was completed, the sidewalk and asphalt ultimately were restored to their previous conditions.


One year prior to that, TSG did necessary work to repair and spruce up the parking lot.  All cracks were blown out and filled with crack filler before the parking lot was sealed and striped with fresh lines.  TSG’s past maintenance work at Resurrection Parish also includes a storm water inlet project.

During the winter months, TSG provides Resurrection Parish with snow removal services.  Additionally, TSG does year-round cleaning of the church—its hallways, its bathrooms, its classrooms, and every other part of the multiple-story building.  TSG mops floors, vacuums carpets, removes trash, dusts furniture and tables, complies with special requests, and does whatever else is necessary to keep the church spick-and-span.  TSG’s cleaning services are done once per week and are offered free of charge to the parish.  Cleaning typically occurs on Friday nights in anticipation of the weekend church services.  However, when special events, such as retreats and other programs, will take place, TSG adjusts its cleaning schedule accordingly to make sure everything is ready in advance of any parish events.

“I don’t know if people realize the extent of the work we do that falls outside of the realm of public bid work,” said Lisa Shauger, President/CEO of TSG. “We have numerous contracts with churches, banquet halls, town house communities, and other privately-owned and operated companies and organizations.”


“Since we specialize in such a broad spectrum of services, we are well-suited to serve Resurrection Parish and similar communities,” continued Shauger.  “Whether they are looking for landscaping, cleaning, interior maintenance work, snow plowing, or exterior maintenance work, chances are our offerings are comprehensive enough to meet their needs. We can essentially be a one-stop shop for them.”

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