Our projects include a diverse array of different construction, maintenance, and cleaning projects for companies and organizations all over New Jersey. Browse some of our major projects below.

Jersey City Municipal Utility Authority- PHASE V Water and Sewer Main Upgrades

  • The Shauger Group installed 7,000LF of 12inch watermain, 4,000LF of 8-inch watermain, new valves, hydrants, and new watermain connections throughout the city of Jersey City.
  • Installed 11,000LF of new PVC Sewer Main throughout the city including manholes and catch basins. 
  • Updated and replaced all service connections with copper piping and new pvc piping with cleanouts for every home throughout the pipeline.

Jersey City Municipal Utility Authority- Large Valve Replacement Project

  • The JCMUA’s water distribution system contains approximately 441 large valves that are critical to maintaining reliable system operation and isolating portions of the system in response to water main breaks. Many of the larger valves in Jersey City are old and either don’t fully close or cannot be operated. The JCMUA has introduced a multi-year program to replace defective large valves. This project entailed the identification and replacement of 30 of the most defective valves.
  • The Shauger Group’s work consisted of excavation, timber shoring, and the removal and replacement of large valves throughout the city.
  • Constructed and installed temporary bypass piping in some locations to continue the flow of water for residents so they would not lose water when doing this work.


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